A graceful, sound, majestic and ark-shaped table
centrepiece whose veins of the most precious
marble are a monument to the little things that
make life beautiful. A marble tray for fruit, bread
and the most cherished objects. A sculptural object
which inherits the archetypal forms of the Classical
world so dear to design masters (first of all, Enzo

The greatest sculptors knew that every marble
piece is mined from the heart of the earth and has
its own veining.

Hence, the ever-changing grains, reflections and
shades make this table centrepiece, object holder, fruit
bowl, a unique piece of design.


Table centrepieces dimensions
1 side short version: H 17.5 cm – W 30 cm – Depth 3.5 cm
1 side tall version: H 22 cm – W 40 cm – Depth 6.5 cm
2 sides short version: H 22 cm – L 40 cm – Depth 3.5 cm
2 sides tall version:: H 17.5 cm – L 30 cm – P 6.5 cm

Carlo Trevisani

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