Julian Pastorino e Cecilia Suarez

From Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cecilia was born in ’71 and Julian in ’70. They graduated in industrial design in ‘96 at the Universidad De Buenos Aires.

Their professional experience in buenos aires includes coordinated image and packaging studies, interior designing, restaurant, shops, and exhibition booths designing.

In ’96 Julian takes part into the Alessi for kids workshop, which will lead him to start a long cooperation with Alessi.

Being partners both in professional and private life, in ’97 they move to Italy, in 2001 they create their own practice and start to collaborate with companies such as Casamania By Frezza, Koziol, and Fontana Arte.

From 2001 to 2003 they participate in the hall group by organising exhibitions focussing on experimental projects in Milan during the Milan International Furniture Fair and in New York during ICFF.

Cecilia, as an interior designer, co-created together with De8 architects the designs of the collective spaces of the NH Hotel in Orio ( Lombardy- Italy), the interiors of NH Hotel in Rho ( Lombardy-Italy), and of the Sebiro concept store.

by Julian Pastorino e
Cecilia Suarez