Stefania Vasques

Stefania Vasques was born in Catania. She lives and works in Milan.

An architect, designer and stylist, she works with prestigious furniture and design publications. She also works as a designer with l’Abitare, Corrado Corradi, Diamantini e Domeniconi, Danese and Sambonet.

She is a member of the Officina Temporanea a group of designers which, with Artigiani Officina, makes its own limited edition items focusing on a specific theme or use.

She believes that the designer’s task is to create useful things.

She loves everything nature spontaneously offers us, because it offers a wealth of ancient wisdom and knowledge that remains to be discovered. She loves beauty as a resource for everyone, and as a value. She loves art, chocolate, cycling, solar panels, photovoltaic energy, olive oil, Sicily, her family, friends, Officina Temporanea, Klab, the sea, trees, medicinal plants and herbs, natural medicine and all people of good will.

photo credits: Giorgio Possenti

by Stefania