Funnel is a tableware collection characterised by an archetypical conic shape laying, asymmetrically, on a cylindrical base. The inspiration comes from the silhouette of the kitchen tools it is named after.

The tension between straight and curved lines changes dramatically according to the point of view, creating harmonious, dynamic and timeless pieces.

The entire collection is crafted with slip casted white earthenware and coated in a rich, velvet soft, semi-matte enamel.

A family composed of pitcher, vessel and centrepiece.

The Funnel pitcher offers a reinterpretation on the traditional pouring ceramic jug. Simple and purposeful, is characterised by a rattan enfolded handle that gives the piece a strong tactile sensation where the human hand comes in contact with it. A decorative or functional object suitable for any environment.

The Funnel centrepiece offers a modern take on the traditional tabletop storage dishes. Extremely simple in its lines, but with a strong presence, stand out for its modernity and elegance.

The Funnel vessel acts, with or without flowers, as a standpoint for all areas of the home. The simple and sculptural shape offers space both for minimalist, ikebana-like, compositions or for richer bunch of flowers.

Materials and technique
Slip casted white earthenware, semi-matte enamel, rattan (for the pitcher).

Pitcher: H 25 cm – L 25 cm – P 20 cm
Centrepiece: D 33 cm – H 7.5 cm
Vessel: H 30 cm – L 25 cm – P 20 cm

Sans Nom + Studio Salaris

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