He could not do séances.

His leathery pinchers bothered his séance partners, who would continually break the chain and give him strange looks, sometimes even blowing on their hands.

His beloved grandfather crab, with whom he wanted to communicate to see how everything was going in the marine afterlife, came and went, saying only one word before vanishing. The word was always Claws! Claws!

He had ended up in a skillet at noon one day in September, after having tried to escape behind the rocks, but he ran to the wrong side.
The soup came out delicious, but he had lost his hilarious grandfather and his sense of direction.

He should have stayed away from humans. But how could he resist the familiarity of that little, round, white table? And the temptation to squeeze those soft, plump hands to avenge his grandfather?

Chele is a collection of tables in hand-wrought iron, available in a range of glam colours and different dimensions.

The top, round or trapezoidal, leans on rod iron legs arranged in a triangular layout: further dynamism and lightness to these tables already featuring minimal design.

Antonino Sciortino